Byrd: Propers For The Feast Of The Purification

This page lists our only recording of Propers For The Feast Of The Purification, by William Byrd (1540(?)-1623) on CD & download (MP3 & FLAC).

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Byrd Edition Volume 8



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20th Nov 2002




68 minutes


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Byrd Edition Volume 8

Cantiones Sacrae (1589)


Vigilate (from Cantiones sacrae 1589)

In Resurrectione tua

Aspice Domine de Sede

Ne irascaris Domine

Propers For The Feast Of The Purification

O quam gloriosum est regnum

Tribulationes civitatum

Domine secundum multitudinem

Laetentur coeli

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William Byrd: Vigilate (Cantiones sacrae 1589)

Vigilate (Cantiones sacrae 1589)

William Byrd: In resurrectione tua (Cantiones sacrae 1589)

In resurrectione tua (Cantiones sacrae 1589)

William Byrd: Aspice Domine de sede (Cantiones sacrae 1589)

Aspice Domine de sede (Cantiones sacrae 1589)

William Byrd: Ne irascaris Domine (Cantiones sacrae 1589)

Ne irascaris Domine (Cantiones sacrae 1589)

William Byrd: Gradualia Book 1 (1605)

Antiphon. Senex puerum portabat a4

Processional. Adorna thalamum a3

Introit. Suscepimus a5

Gradual. Suscepimus a5

Alleluia. Senex puerum portabat a5

Tract. Nunc dimittis a5

Offertory. Diffusa est gratia a5

Communion. Responsum accepit a5

Antiphon. Hodie beata Virgo a4

Antiphon. Ave regina caelorum a4

William Byrd: O quam gloriosum (Cantiones sacrae 1589)

O quam gloriosum (Cantiones sacrae 1589)

William Byrd: Tribulationes civitatem (Cantiones sacrae 1589)

Tribulationes civitatem (Cantiones sacrae 1589)

William Byrd: Domine secundum multitudinem (Cantiones sacrae 1589)

Domine secundum multitudinem (Cantiones sacrae 1589)

William Byrd: Laetentur caeli (Cantiones sacrae 1589)

Laetentur caeli (Cantiones sacrae 1589)

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“ASV's Byrd Edition presents Propers for Candlemas (also known as the 'Feast of the Purification'), and further motets from the 1589 CantionesSacrae, many of them composed to strengthen the spirits of the Queen's loyal Catholic subjects in those troubled and highly dangerous times. Which goes to explain the high proportion of sorrowful or penitential texts, the frequent cries for deliverance (AspiceDomine, Ne irascaris, Tribulationes), and the mastery with which Byrd sets them. This historical background, vital to an understanding of the music, doesn't exclude the possibility of a joyful outcome: Byrd can also contemplate the ultimate joys of heaven, (O quam gloriosum, Laetenturcaeli).
The choir enters deeply into an understanding of what lies behind these pieces. And Byrd is never averse to raising his singers' spirits by introducing a jaunty rhythm – the crowing cock in Vigilate, for example – or a bright, rising theme to inspire hope. The choir responds with sustained restraint, perfect balance and crisp rhythms.
The settings of the Propers for Candlemas offer a short recital of their own, this time in the full context of the liturgy for this ancient feast, and following the whole course of events as the story unfolds. A thoroughly satisfying disc.”

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