Mundy, W: Ah, helpless wretch

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William Mundy: Cathedral Music

William Mundy: Cathedral Music

Mundy, W:

O Lord, the maker of all things

The secret sins

Nunc dimittis


O Lord, the world's Saviour

Kyrie ‘Orbis factor’

Vox patris caelestis

Ah, helpless wretch

Sive vigilem

Videte miraculum

Beatus et sanctus

Adolescentulus sum ego

Helios - CDH55086



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The Treasury of English Church Music

The Treasury of English Church Music



Sancte Dei pretiose

Perspice Christicola

Salve sancta parens

Sanctus and Benedictus

Alleluya psallat

Ave miles caelestis curiae

Conditor alme siderum - Hymn for Advent Vespers


Let all mortal flesh keep silence


O Lord, look down from heaven


Salvator Mundi

God is our hope and strength


The Heavens Declare


A Hymn to the Virgin


Ave verum Corpus

Sing joyfully

Victimae paschali

Child, W:

O God, wherefore art thou absent from us?

Cornysh the elder:

Ave Maria Mater Dei


Lo! Star-Led Chiefs


Beata Dei genetrix Maria

Davies, Peter Maxwell:

Ave Maria - Hail blessed flower

Davies, Walford:

Blessed are the pure in heart

Jubilate in G major


Factum est silentium


Veni Sancte Spiritus


O hearken Thou, Op. 64

Give unto the Lord (Psalm XXIX), Op. 74


Sanctus & Benedictus

Farrant, R:

Hide not thou thy face

Frye, W:

Salve virgo mater pya

Gibbons, O:

Nunc dimittis (Short Service)

O clap your hands

This is the Record of John

Goss, J:

If we believe that Jesus died

Greene, M:

O Clap Your Hands Together


Turn back, O man


Magnificat (Collegium Regale, 1945)

A Spotless Rose

Sing Lullaby

Here is the Little Door


O Lord my God


Greater Love Hath No Man


There Is No Rose


Give me the wings of faith


Nunc dimittis


Nolo mortem peccatoris

Out of the Deep

(version for countertenor soloist)

Out of the Deep

(version for tenor soloist)

Mundy, W:

Ah, helpless wretch


The souls of the righteous

Noble, T:

Nunc Dimittis in B minor


O Saviour of the world

Parsons, R:

Nunc dimittis from the First Great Service

Philips, P:

Ascendit Deus


Thou know'st, Lord, Z 58c

I will give thanks unto the Lord, Z21

Remember not, O Lord, our offences, Z50

O Lord God of hosts, Z37

Hear my prayer, O Lord, Z15




Evening Service in E minor

Shaw, M:

Anglican Folk Mass: Creed


Te deum in B flat

Beati quorum via, Op. 38 No. 3

Sterndale Bennett:

God is a Spirit


Wherewithal shall a young man cleanse his way?


Evening Service in C major


Nunc Dimitis

My beloved spake

Travers, J:

Ascribe unto the Lord

Vaughan Williams:

O Taste and See

Te Deum in G


Evening Service in D minor


Set me as a seal upon thine heart


I saw a fair maiden


Gloria in excelsis Deo

All people clap your hands

O how amiable are thy dwellings

Lord, to Thee I make my moan, anthem for 5 voices

Alleluia, I heard a voice

Wesley, S S:

Cast me not away

Wash me throughly from my wickedness

White, Robert:

Christe qui lux es et dies

Wood, C:

Short Communion Service in the Phrygian Mode: Sanctus & Benedictus

Ambrosian Singers, Westminster Abbey Choir, Chichester Cathedral Choir, Guildford Cathedral Choir, St Pauls Cathedral Choir, Temple Church Choir, Denis Stevens, Douglas Guest, John Birch, Barry Rose, John Dykes Bower, George Thalben-Ball

Here for the first time on CD are the celebrated five LPs of the HMV Treasury of English Church Music. Prefaced by the introductory speech Herbert Howells gave at the launch, and boasting more than 30 bonus tracks, this set offers a uniquely authoritative and comprehensive conspectus of the broad repertory of cathedral, collegiate and parish church choirs in the 1960s.

Warner Classics - 0846402

(CD - 5 discs)


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The Golden Age of English Polyphony

The Golden Age of English Polyphony


Aeternae Laudis Lilium

Missa Albanus

Mundy, W:

O Lord, the maker of all things

Videte miraculum

Sive vigilem

Ah, helpless wretch

Vox Patris caelestis

Kyrie ‘Orbis factor’

O Lord, the world's Saviour


Nunc dimittis

The secret sins

Beatus et sanctus

Adolescentulus sum ego

Sheppard, J:

Cantate Mass

Salvator mundi Domine

Verbum caro factum est

Laudem dicite Deo

Reges Tharsis et insulae

In manus tuas I

Filiae Hierusalem venite

In pace in idipsum

Paschal Kyrie

Jesu salvator saeculi, verbum

Mass 'The Western Wynde'

The Second Service

Te Deum laudamus

Spiritus sanctus I

Justi in perpetuum vivent

Libera nos 1 & II

Audivi vocem de caelo

Deus tuorum militum I

Ave maris stella

Jesu salvator saeculi, redemptis

Spiritus Sanctus procedens II

Beata nobis gaudia

In manus tuas II

Gaude gaude gaude Maria

Haec dies quam fecit Dominus

Impetum fecerunt unanimes

Dum transisset Sabbatum I

Sancte Dei pretiose

Sacris solemniis

Hostes Herodes impie

Dum transisset Sabbatum II

In manus tuas III

Aeterne Rex altissime


Archangeli Michaelis Interventione

Kyrie 'Le Roy'

Missa O Michael

Dum transisset Sabbatum I

Gaude plurimum

Ex eius tumba

Missa Corona Spinea

In pace, in idipsum

O splendor gloriae

Te Deum

Alleluia. Veni, electa mea

Missa Gloria tibi Trinitas

In nomine a 4

Audivi vocem de coelo

Dum transisset Sabbatum II

Hodie nobis caelorum rex

Mater Christi Sanctissima

Magnificat a 4 - Nesciens mater

Quemadmodum a 6

Missa Mater Christi sanctissima

Mass 'The Western Wynde'

O Wilhelme, pastor bone

Missa Sancti Wilhelmi 'Small Devotion Mass'

When The Sixteen embarked upon their recording career back in 1982, few would have been able to predict quite how successful they would become, or how far they would go towards rehabilitating the little-known and barely recorded music of these four master composers of the sixteenth century.

In this their 30th anniversary year, we join them in celebrating a Golden Age of Polyphony, and of music-making, by presenting their twelve discs of this repertoire in an attractively packaged (and priced) 10-CD remastered set.

“English choral music at its finest.” The Observer, 29th November 2009

Hyperion - CDS44401/10

(CD - 10 discs)


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