Schubert: Cantate zum Geburtstag des Sängers Michael Vogl D666 (Stadler)

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Schubert: Duette, Terzette, Quartette

Schubert: Duette, Terzette, Quartette


Punschlied D277 (Schiller)

Cantate zum Geburtstag des Sängers Michael Vogl D666 (Stadler)

Gütigster, Bester, Weisester, D441

Verschwunden sind die Schmerzen, D88

Trinklied D148 (Castelli)

Der Tanz D826 (Meerau?)

Schicksalslenker, blicke nieder, D763

Hymne an den Unendichen D232 (Schiller)

An die Sonne D439 (Uz)

Nun laßt uns den Leib begraben (Begräbnis-Lied), D168

Gott im Ungewitter, D985

Gott der Weltschöpfer D986 (Uz)

Die Geselligkeit (Lebenslust) D609 (Unger)

Gebet (Du Urquell aller güte) D815 (Fouqué)

Hermann und Thusnelda D322 (Klopstock)

Antigone und Oedip D542 (Mayrhofer)

Cronnan D282 ('Ossian')

Sing-Übungen D619 (Wordless)

Sekna und Selmar D286b (Klopstock)

Licht und Liebe D352 (Collin)

Hektors Abscheid, D312

Nur wer die Sehnsucht kennt, D877/4

Szene aus Faust D126 (Goethe)

Die Befreier Europas in Paris, D104 (Mikan)

Die Advokaten, D37

Elly Ameling (soprano), Dame Janet Baker (mezzo), Peter Schreier, Horst Laubenthal (tenors), Dietrich Fischer-Dieskau (baritone), Gerald Moore (piano)

Rias Kammerchor

Schubert's reputation as a composer of solo lieder has tended to overshadow the works for two of more voices that he composed from the age of 14 to his last years. Some of these works includes four voices and choir, and they fall in to the category of domestic music making. The earliest date from his years as a pupil of Antonio Salieri, and may well have been intended as study works, others, such as the scena 'Antigone und Oedipe' D542 of 1817 was probably composed for friends, and is quite demanding of the performers.

The singers on these CDs represent some of the very best Schubert interpreters of the period -- and the recordings date from 1973. The accompanist is the incomparable Gerald Moore.

“They are expert duettists [Baker and Fischer-Dieskau], having sung together on other occasions and in other media; the result, with the ever-faithful, ever-skilful Gerald Moore, is all that one might expect” Gramophone Magazine, 1973

“it really is pretty well impossible to imagine finer performances...these are charming domestic pieces here performed by four of the greatest Lieder singers of the time: luxury casting indeed.” International Record Review, May 2011

Brilliant Classics - 94082

(CD - 2 discs)


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Volume 33 - Part-Songs Volume 2

Volume 33 - Part-Songs Volume 2


Gott in der Natur D757 (Kleist)

Psalm 23 'Gott ist mein Hirt', D706

Das Leben ist ein Traum D269 (Wannovius)

La Pastorella, D513

Naturgenuss D422 (Matthisson)

Beitrag zur fünfzigjährigen Jubelfeier des Herrn von Salieri D407 (Schubert)

Licht und Liebe D352 (Collin)

Antigone und Oedip D542 (Mayrhofer)

Linde Weste wehen, D725 (Anonymous)

Cantate zum Geburtstag des Sängers Michael Vogl D666 (Stadler)

Klage um Ali Bey D140 (Claudius)

Der Gondelfahrer, D809

Coronach, D836

Bootgesang D835 (Scott/Storck)

Ständchen 'Zögernd leise', D920/921

Sibylla Rubens (soprano), Silke Schwarz (soprano), Regina Jakobi (alto), Ingeborg Danz (alto), Hildegard Wiedemann (alto), Markus Schäfer (tenor), Marcus Ullmann (tenor) Thomas E. Bauer (bass), Markus Flaig (bass), Marcus Schmidl (bass) & Ulrich Eisenlohr (piano)

The Deutsche Schubert-Lied-Edition presents all Schubert’s Lieder, over 700 songs, grouped according to the poets who inspired him. Thanks to Bärenreiter’s Neue Schubert-Ausgabe (New Schubert Edition), Tübingen, which uses primary sources, the performers have been able to benefit from the most recent research of the editorial team.

While Schubert’s numerous works for male-voice ensembles were circulated widely, those for female voices remained less well known, despite including several ambitious works of genius.

Ulrich Eisenlohr, praised as the “splendid accompanist” on many of Naxos’s Schubert Lieder discs, and on Mozart’s Complete Songs (8557900-01) joins some outstanding singers on this second volume of Schubert’s delectable part-songs.

Naxos Schubert Lied Edition - 8570962



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