Dufay: Missa L'homme arme

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Dufay: Les Messes à Teneur

Dufay: Les Messes à Teneur


Missa Se la face ay pale

Se la face ay pale

Missa L'homme arme

Missa 'Ecce ancilla domini'

Ave regina celorum

Ave regina celorum III

Missa Ave Regina

Cut Circle, Jesse Rodin

What did it mean for Guillaume Du Fay (ca. 1397-1474), chameleon-like expert in every musical genre of his day, to compose four settings of the Mass Ordinary toward the end of his life? Looking back from the vantage point of the next generation, when the polyphonic mass reigned supreme, it might be tempting to interpret these works as a self-conscious summa of Du Fay’s career – an achievement akin to Haydn’s London Symphonies or Beethoven’s late string quartets. On a purely musical level these comparisons are apt. Each mass stakes out unique musical terrain; they are often strikingly experimental; and the entire set is shimmeringly beautiful from beginning to end, revealing a composer at the height of his powers.

“These are all top-rate singers with pure and excellently focused voices: every one of them appears here as a soloist in one of the duet sections, and the intonation and ensemble are beyond reproach” Gramophone Magazine, July 2016

GGramophone Awards 2017

Finalist - Early Music

GGramophone Magazine

Editor's Choice - July 2016

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Guillaume Dufay: The Masses for 1453

Guillaume Dufay: The Masses for 1453


Missa Se la face ay pale

Missa L'homme arme

Crammed onto one new disc from Cantica Symphonia on Glossa are two of Guillaume Dufay’s most important polyphonic works brought alongside each other for the first time on CD: the 'Missa Se la face ay pale' and the' Missa L’Homme armé'. The two masses were amongst the first in history to use popular songs for their cantus firmus: Dufay’s own chanson for the first mass and the anonymous popular tune, “The Armed Man”, for the second. The year 1453 was an extraordinary one in Western Christendom with the Fall of Constantinople following the acquisition by Louis, Duke of Savoy of what is now known as the Shroud of Turin. As renowned scholar Anne Walters Robertson describes in her incisive scene-setting analysis for the booklet, these two events provided the backdrop for Dufay, newly recalled by the Duke to the Court of Savoy, to compose these remarkable commemorative masses. As is the case with its general interpretative outlook, Cantica Symphonia opt for performances which embrace the use of instruments such as slide trumpets, sackbuts, fiddles and the organ alongside vocal forces. Director Giuseppe Maletto and organist Guido Magnano discuss their reasons for such instrumental involvement in the CD booklet. This is the fourth recording of music by Guillaume Dufay: two volumes devoted to motets and one to chansons, from Cantica Symphonia on the Glossa label, and it continues the Italian ensemble’s remarkable coverage of 15th-century treasures.

“Unlike a number of recent more spartan voices-only discs of Dufay, Cantica Symphonia have recorded the masses with instruments; the use of sackbuts especially gives grandeur and warmth to the performances, and a real sense of occasion, too.” The Guardian, 30th October 2014 ****

“These readings, with alternating solo voices and full ensemble, combining voices and organ, fiddles, harp and sackbuts, are splendid, bringing out the full magnificence of Dufay's conception and evoking the splendour of lavish 15th-century courtly ceremony...The singing and playing are both beautifully detailed, with unfussy handling of the more rapid ornaments and a lovely sense of the broader sweep of the music.” Early Music Review, December 2014

“Both Se le face ay pale and L’homme armé are embellishments around repetitions of secular tunes. These sweet textures are given with unhurried grace.” Sunday Times, 4th January 2015

“an astonishingly well-filled disc.” MusicWeb International, 5th February 2015

Glossa - GCDP31907



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Dufay: Missa l'homme armé & Supremum est mortalibus

Dufay: Missa l'homme armé & Supremum est mortalibus


Missa L'homme arme

Supremum Est Mortalibus

“The singing of the Oxford Camerata is superb.” Classic CD *****

Naxos Early Music Collection - 8553087



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Renaissance & Baroque Music

Renaissance & Baroque Music

England, France, Flanders, Germany


Pia mater gratie

Nesciens mater

Beata Preogenies


Agnus Dei

Alma Redemptoris Mater

Agnus Dei

Post Missarum Solemnia

Bach, J S:

Motets, BWV225-230


Nesciens mater

En Katerine solennia

Cooke, John:

Ave Regina Caelorum

Stella celi


Beata Dei genetrix Maria

Salve porta paradisi


Missa L'homme arme

Nuper rosarum flores

Ecclesiae militantis

Alma Redemptoris Mater

O sancte Sebastiane

Salve flos Tusce gentis


Qualis est dilectus

Ascendit Christus


Commune Festorum Beatae Mariae Virginis

Missa Paschalis (Easter Mass)

Quis dabit capiti meo aquam?

Es het ein Baur ein Töchterlein

Es wollt ein meydlein grasen gan

Greiner, Zancker, Schnopffitzer

J'ay pris amours

Fammi una gratia amore

La morra


Ave post libamina

Monte, P:

O suavitas et dulcedo

Parce Mihi, Domine

Dolce mio caro

Comme la tourterelle

La Deesse Venus

La dolce vista

Missa 8 vocum: La dolce vista


Agnus Dei



Power, L:


Beata progenies


Ave Regina, OH43


Beata viscera



Agnus Dei, OH141

Salve Regina

Missa 'Alma redemptoris mater'

Ibo michi ad montem

Quam pulchra es






St Matthew Passion, SWV 479

The Hilliard Ensemble, Kees Boeke Consort, Soloists from the Knabenchor Hannover, London Baroque

The blend between the voices is finely controlled, the tone mellow and the tuning spectacularly accurate, giving rise to an organ-like sonority that is genuinely thrilling,” wrote Gramophone magazine, praising the Hilliard Ensemble’s four singers, who excelled in an extraordinary variety of music over a 40-year career. This seven-CD collection extends from the Middle Ages to the Baroque, offering music by composers from England, France, Flanders and Germany.

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