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 Recording of the Week  Music's Best-kept Secrets

In the latest edition of Gramophone Magazine (somewhat bizarrely called September), five esteemed Gramophone critics - Rob Cowan, Jed Distler, Lindsay Kemp, Patrick O’Connor and Peter Quantrill - were given the task of unearthing their favourite treasures, that by the plethora of discs currently on the market, they felt had been unfairly overlooked. It is a momentous task but I would imagine a hugely enjoyable one.

It is also a necessary task and would be good to see more of it. With around 400 new discs released each month and a total available catalogue of many tens of thousands it is almost inevitable that there are going to be some fantastic recordings in urgent need of unearthing. There will be many rare composers and lots of unknown artists but, with the typical classical music lover’s thirst for discovery and excitement, it would be a journey well worth undertaking.

Anyway, in line with the interesting and slightly different website that we try to be, we thought you'd like to know what the five Gramophone critics chose. Unfortunately a fair number of their choices are no longer available, but the ones that are you'll find here - I suppose a sort of 'alternative essential collection'.