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 Recording of the Week  New Bach Cantatas page

I often get asked for my thoughts on recordings of huge groups of works like Bach’s Cantatas. I never quite know how to answer questions like this. These sorts of works have such a rich recorded legacy that it is almost impossible to even decide where to begin! Different recordings have many different things to recommend them, but before you can make any decisions you need to know who the main contenders are.

New Bach Cantatas page
New Bach Cantatas page

We therefore decided that we needed to design a way of putting this sort of information on the website – pages which could summarise all the important recordings of a group of works but also advise on new releases and any award winners. In addition we wanted to create pages that would be useful and interesting to both new fans of a particular genre, and those with large collections already.

I’m pleased to say that our new Bach Cantatas page has just gone live and will, I hope, achieve all this. We’re launching it with a special offer that includes the entire Masaaki Suzuki and John Eliot Gardiner series at 25% off, and the recently completed Ton Koopman cycle at 20% off.

All being well we’ll soon be able to apply a similar template to other groups of works like Beethoven String Quartets or Schubert Piano Sonatas, and I’ll keep you informed of developments in these and other areas over the months to come.

In the mean time click here to discover and enjoy the rich musical world of Bach Cantatas.