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Gramophone Awards

The Gramophone Awards - often called the Oscars of the classical music world - are the most significant honours bestowed on the classical record industry.

Now running annually in September you can view details of the most recent winners below, as well as browse through all winners going back to the very first awards in 1977.

Gramophone Awards 2018 - Shortlist

Gramophone Awards 2018The sixty recordings shortlisted for the 2018 Gramophone Awards have been announced - six recordings in each of ten categories. You can browse 2018's shortlisted recordings below, or in our article.

The top three recordings in each category will be announced on 10th August, and the ten category-winners on 31st August.

Gramophone Awards 2018 - Shortlisted Recordings

Lully: Alceste
2 CDs: ($21.75) $17.25
Download from $15.75
Carnevale 1729
2 SACDs: $24.75
Download from $21.00

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