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Igor Feodorovich Stravinsky

Igor Feodorovich Stravinsky (1882-1971)


Russian emigré composer.

Having studied with Rimsky-Korsakov he set out on a composing career of some controversy. He ignored conventions on harmony and rhythm and the first performance of The Rite of Spring in 1913 caused a riot.

His collaboration with Diaghilev led to other fine ballet scores, such as Petrushka and The Firebird. From the 1920s onwards his works were more clearly neo-classical. His ballet suite Pulcinella used the music of Pergolesi and Dumbarton Oaks looks back to the concerti grossi of Handel. The Symphony of Psalms reflects his lifelong adherence to his Orthodox faith.

He travelled widely, became an American citizen and lies buried in Venice.

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