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This page lists all recordings from the label North/South Recordings.

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Startling Stories

Sylvan Winds

This release includes a digital booklet

Orchestral Music (American) - YIP, S. / LIFCHITZ, M. / MAVES, D. / CORY, E. / CONSTANTINIDES, D. (Sound Paintings) (Lifchitz)

Lisa Hansen (flute), Norma Fire (narrator), Helen Lin (piano), Robert Sherman (narrator)

North-South Chamber Orchestra, Max Lifchitz

No digital booklet included

ROVICS, H.: Songs of Chinese Poetry / Do You Not See / 2 Songs / My Stage is Tied to Heaven / Tangere / Incantation / Cybernetic Study (Lifchitz)

Christina Rovics (soprano), Lisa Hansen (flute), Howard Rovics (piano), David Wells (cello), Tony Pagano (alto flute), Tony Pagano (flute)

North-South Consonance Ensemble, Max Lifchitz

No digital booklet included

BOYADJIAN, H.: Evocations / LIPPER, B.: Three for Five / FEIGIN, J.: Nexus / BLISS, M.: Fantasies (Ivanina)

Elena Ivanina (piano), Alexander Korneyev (flute), Alexei Sheyin (oboe), Alexei Sizov (bassoon), Alexander Suvorov (percussion)

No digital booklet included

SCHIFFMAN, H.: Symphony / Oboe d'Amore Concerto / Piano Concerto (Giacobassi, Perry-Camp, Antal)

Csaba Pothoff (violin), Elod Kostyak (cello), Julie Ann Giacobassi (oboe d'amore), Jane Perry-Camp (piano)

Gyor Philharmonic Orchestra, Hungarian Symphony Orchestra, Matyas Antal

No digital booklet included

KENESSEY, S. de: Shades of Darkness / Magic Forest Dances / Traveling Light / The Passing (Andiamo Chamber Ensemble)

Matthias Naegele (cello), Stefania de Kenessey (piano), Mara Milkis (violin), William Meredith (oboe)

Andiamo Chamber Ensemble

No digital booklet included

No digital booklet included

CROSSMAN, A.: Street Suite / JAMES, C.: 4 Intermezzi / WHITMAN, T.: The 7 Deadly Sins / Ori (North-South String Quartet, North-South String Trio)

Max Lifchitz (piano), David Szepessy (cello)

North-South String Quartet, North-South String Trio

No digital booklet included

ZIFFRIN, M.: 3 Songs of the Trobairitz / 3 Songs / 3 Songs for D'Anna / 2 Songs / Haiku / If Only There Were Someone (Lifchitz, Fortunato)

D' Anna Fortunato (mezzo-soprano), Max Lifchitz (piano), Liuh-Wen Ting (viola), Max Lifchitz (harpsichord), Max Lifchitz (soprano)

No digital booklet included

BELL, E.: Loss-Songs / Piano Sonata No. 2 / River Fantasy / Fantasy-Sonata / Soliloquy (Lifchitz)

Elizabeth Farnum (soprano), Max Lifchitz (piano), Stephen Drake (cello)

North-South Consonance Ensemble

No digital booklet included