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 New,Guillaume de Machaut: Fortune's Child

The Orlando Consort

As we have come to expect with this group, the performances are eminently professional and poised. The duet Riches d’amour is marvellously tuned and lithe, and several of the solo pieces (Dame... More…



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Machaut: Fortune's Child

Machaut: Gais & Jolis

Machaut: Dous Amis, Oy Mon Complaint

Machaut: Dame, Je Vueil Endurer

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Machaut: Trop Plus Est Bele / Biauté Paree De Valour / Je Ne Sui Mie

Machaut: Douce Dame, Tant Com Vivray

Machaut: Dou Mal Qui M'A Longuement

Machaut: Comment Puet On Miex Ses Maus Dire

Machaut: Dame, Vostre Dous Viaire

Machaut: Hé! Mors! / Fine Amour / Quare Non Sum Mortuus

Machaut: Dame, Mon Cuer Enportez

Machaut: Riches D'Amour

Machaut: Helas! Pour Quoy Virent / Corde Mesto / Libera Me

Machaut: Puis Que Ma Dolour Agree

Machaut: Honte, Paour, Doubtance

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