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 New Publications, New Publications from Henle Verlag

Henle VerlagThis month's batch of new publications from Henle Verlag includes piano, organ, and chamber music by Brahms, piano variations by Beethoven, and music by Wagner, Fauré, and Telemann.

Beethoven: Variations for Piano, Volume 1

This first volume of Henle's two-volume edition of Beethoven's complete piano variations includes works from his time in Bonn as well as his early years in Vienna, composed between 1783 and 1799. Beethoven mostly took his themes from arias or songs from stage works that were popular at the time. The musical text of this edition has been completely revised in line with the Beethoven Complete Edition.

Available Format: Sheet Music

Brahms: Piano Sonata in F sharp minor, op. 2

Johannes Brahms’s Piano Sonatas opp. 1, 2 and 5 were among the first works that the 20-year-old composer published. They were composed in 1852/53, although op. 2 was apparently the first of the three to be composed, and was dedicated to Clara Schumann. For this new edition, fingerings have been provided by the pianist Andreas Boyde, a recognised Brahms expert.

Available Format: Sheet Music

Brahms: Works for Organ

Brahms’s organ works in a sense frame his whole oeuvre. He wrote several preludes and fugues and the chorale prelude O Traurigkeit, o Herzeleid in the mid-1850s. The Eleven Chorale Preludes op. 122, on the other hand, are his final work, composed in 1896. This revised edition presents all of Brahms’s organ works in a single volume. Early versions of two pieces are also given in an appendix.

Available Format: Sheet Music

Wagner: Overture to Tannhäuser

arranged for piano by Franz Liszt

Liszt was inspired to compose his Tannhäuser Paraphrase by performances in Weimar of the overture in 1848 and of the whole opera in February 1849. His piano arrangement of Wagner's overture is a technically brilliant piece of the highest order, and continues Henle's series of Liszt’s Wagner arrangements.

Available Format: Sheet Music

Fauré: Papillon, op. 77

for cello and piano

After the success of his Élégie, Fauré’s publisher Hamelle urged him to write another piece for cello and piano. Whereas Fauré just wanted to call it Piece for violoncello, Hamelle insisted on a more evocative title, and ultimately succeeded in giving it its present name. The success of the work proved Hamelle right – Papillon is today just as popular with cellists as the Élegie.

Available Format: Sheet Music

Telemann: Methodical Sonatas for Flute (or Violin) and Continuo, Volume 2

This new edition has separate solo and continuo parts that contain the other part for orientation purposes, as well as an additional part with only the figured bass line. The score also features a realisation of the figured bass. The first volume of Telemann's Methodical Sonatas has already been published (HN1266); this means that all twelve of Telemann’s sonatas are now available as Henle Urtext editions.

Available Format: Sheet Music

Brahms: Clarinet Trio in A minor, op. 114

in 1891 Brahms met the solo clarinettist of the Meiningen court orchestra, Richard Mühlfeld, whose mellifluous art of performance captivated him and inspired him to compose new works. The Trio op. 114 is melancholy and autumnal in character. Henle's revised edition reflects the current state of research; the pianist Klaus Schilde has added useful fingerings.

Available Format: Sheet Music