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Les Vents Francais & Munich Chamber Orchestra, Daniel Giglberger

Buy this for the glorious account of Mozart’s apotheosis of the genre: it’s chock-full of inspired little touches, such as dashes of rubato, quirky ornamentation and call-and-echo effects that... More…

2 CDs

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Aurelien Pascal (cello), Nareh Arghamanyan (piano)

Münchener Kammerorchester, Howard Griffiths

Mozart and Haydn enthusiasts will enjoy exploring these two elegant concertos by their little-known German contemporary Franz Danzi. Spirited performances of each help no end. More…



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Mark Le Brocq (tenor), Michael Chance (counter-tenor), Sinéad Pratschke (soprano), Raimund Nolte (bass-baritone)

Amati Quartet, Berlin Chamber Consort, Maulbronner Kammerchor, Jürgen Budday

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Christoph Hammer (piano), Martin Sandhoff (flute)

Neue Hofkapelle Munchen

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Éva Posvanecz (viola), Balázs Máté (cello)

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Elfrun Gabriel (piano), Valentin Gheorghiu (piano), Richard Waage (flute), Arthur Bauer (oboe), Johannes Walter (flute), Jutta Zoff (harp), Norman Shetler (piano), Cecile Ousset (piano), Thorsten Rosenbusch (violin), Erich Kruger (viola), Annerose Schmidt (piano), Werner Tast (flute), Eckart Haupt...

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Massimo Martusciello (bassoon)

Ensemble Devienne

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Quintetto Briccialdi

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László Hara (bassoon)

Liszt Ferenc Chamber Orchestra, Budapest, Ervin Lukács

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Eckart Haupt (flute), Werner Tast (flute), Siegfried Stockigt (piano), Monika Rost (guitar), Cecile Ousset (piano), Peter Rosel (piano), Gerhard Erber (piano), Marc Laforet (piano), Norman Shetler (piano), Elfrun Gabriel (piano), Walter Olbertz (piano), Oskar Michallik (clarinet), Johannes Walter...

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