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Walton: Violin Concerto, Partita & Hindemith Variations

Anthony Marwood (violin)

BBC Scottish Symphony Orchestra, Martyn Brabbins

Anthony Marwood’s un-flashy individualism seems to be operating at an opposite pole to the Heifetz way, and generates memorable results of its own. While Marwood has all the virtuosity that the... More…
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    7th July 2017



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Walton: Violin Concerto

1. Andante Tranquillo

2. Presto Capriccioso Alla Napolitana; Trio; Tempo I

3. Vivace

Walton: Partita for Orchestra

1. Toccata: Brioso

2. Pastorale Siciliana: Andante Comodo

3. Giga Burlesca: Allegro Giovale

Walton: Variations on a Theme by Hindemith

01. Tema: Andante Con Moto

02. Var. 1: Vivace

03. Var. 2: Allegramente

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04. Var. 3: Larghetto

05. Var. 4: Moto Perpetuo (Con Slancio)

06. Var. 5: Andante Con Moto

07. Var. 6: Scherzando

08. Var. 7: Lento Molto

09. Var. 8: Vivacissimo

10. Var. 9: Maestoso

11. Finale: Allegro Molto

12. Coda: A Tempo Primo, Ma Meno Mosso

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Walton: Spitfire Prelude & Fugue