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 Offer Machaut: Sovereign Beauty

The Orlando Consort

Machaut at his most engaging and varied...this really is one bullseye after another...Rarely since the Gothic Voices has the vocalisation of the lower lines appeared so self-evidently the right... More…
  • Gramophone Magazine
    July 2017
    Editor's Choice



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Machaut: Sovereign Beauty

Machaut: Tres Bonne & Belle

Machaut: Foy Porter

Machaut: Dame, Ne Regardés Pas

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Machaut: J'Ay Tant / Lasse! Je Sui / Ego Moriar Pro Te

Machaut: Se Quanque Amours

Machaut: Dame, A Qui

Machaut: De Desconfort

Machaut: Quant J'Ay L'Espart

Machaut: Comment Qu'A Moy Lonteinne

Machaut: De Bon Espoir / Puis Que La Douce / Speravi

Machaut: Un Lay De Consolation, 'Pour Ce Que Plus Proprement'

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