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Tears of a Lover - Monteverdi and Reflections

Fieri Consort

Hear it and weep: this unlikely melding of 16 th  and 21 st century styles works well, with Monteverdi’s harmonic inventiveness mirrored by Rowarth’s bolder language. The rich, resonant recording... More…



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Monteverdi: Interrotte speranze

  • Fieri Consort

Ingegneri: Io non hebbi giamai pace ne tregua

  • Fieri Consort

Monteverdi: Lamento d'Arianna 'Lasciatemi morire'

  • Fieri Consort

Rowarth: The Turn

  • Fieri Consort

Marenzio: Se quel dolor che va inanzi al morire

  • Fieri Consort